“Doesn’t matter how many times Mell explains this to me, I hate doing bookkeeping.  Thank goodness she loves it and I can just leave it to her.  She tells me what I need to know and makes the accountant happy”

“I couldn’t believe it. When Mellida started with us she asked all sorts of questions the previous bookkeeper hadn’t. By really looking at the invoices, not just mindlessly entering them, Mell noticed we’d been paying for 2 lots of internet services for over 16 months because we’d forgotten to cancel the original contract. And that we were paying ASIC fees for a business we had sold 2 years ago. How much money could we have saved if we hired Mellida sooner?”

“Fraud is an insidious thing. It starts slowly, but the ramifications last much longer. When Mellida takes over your bookkeeping and payroll, she questions everything. Hiring the ‘Business Genie’ to do your bookkeeping could be the best decision you ever make.”

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