Bookkeeping Training

2 Mell Teaching

There is no point sitting down for a 2 to 4 day intensive workshop to learn all of the parts of the accounting package, when you will only be using a small part. Or wading through a text book to learn how to do a bookkeeping process. It becomes information overload.

Be Trained:

  • One on One, in the office or via Zoom
  • Specifically on the task(s) you need to do
  • And get a recording

Mellida has written three MYOB Practice Sets and two Bookkeeping Textbooks, all used at universities.

Bookkeeping Training

Learn the actual process irrespective of what accounting package you are using

  • Accounts Receivable or Payable
  • Payroll
  • BAS
  • End of Month and End of Financial Year tasks
  • Beyond the Basics

Software Training

Learn by doing, in your specific role, using your actual source documents

  • Xero
  • MYOB
  • Quickbooks
  • Excel
  • Word
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