How’s your work life balance?

It’s great to be the boss – you can work any hours you like, right? Unfortunately, for many business owners, that means long hours, plenty of stress, and very few...
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E-invoicing Protects You Against Invoice Fraud

Is your business using e-invoicing? It’s a fantastic way to protect yourself and your customers from invoice scams, and it can help you get paid faster. E-invoices replace emailed PDF...
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Are You Suffering from Business Burnout?

The last two years have been demanding and exhausting for many business owners. Are you one of them? The challenges have been relentless, and we know many small business owners...
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How can I benefit from registering for GST (Goods and Services Tax)?

In some circumstances, it is compulsory to register for GST because of your turnover or because of your profession. But sometimes, it is good to register for GST because it...
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Other taxes you may be charged

There are some other taxes that you may be charged, depending on your industry.  These can all be reported on your Business Activity Statement (BAS). Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) First...
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How does the Business Activity Statement work?

You will need to lodge a Business Activity Statement (BAS) if you are registered for Goods and Services tax (GST).  The purpose of the BAS is to: Report on several...
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The Most Common Taxes Explained

This blog was inspired by a client who couldn’t understand why they had to register for GST when in their mind they were already paying tax…which turned out to be...
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